Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The rest of my cabinets came in last Friday. YIPEEE!!!!

Chris put them together that night, and we installed them on Saturday. And the funny thing is, they called the next morning saying they had one more box for us. Now we had already received everything we were supposed to get, but it turns out it was an extra pack of doors that just so happened to replace one that had some minor cosmetic damage. I have a complete kitchen again! After two months of dealing with the very helpful people at Home Depot (yeah, right), when it was supposed to be two weeks, I am done. If only the mere mention of the words "Home Depot" didn't induce rage in me now...

But, the renovations aren't complete for me:

My work office, while having million-dollar views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Area, is in a trailer behind the main building. When they installed the trailer a decade or so ago, they didn't hook up AC. The poor schlubs who worked there tried to get ventilation (it can get wicked hot in there) by cutting holes in the floors and installing grates. That didn't work so well; no better ventilation and lots of fun critters. A few years later they hooked up AC from the main building and things are better, though the heat only seems to work in the summer and the AC only in the winter. Anywho, we're finally doing a major renovation of the trailer with new paint (my office was smoker-yellow before), new carpet, fixed thermostats, network in the walls rather than falling from the dilapidated ceiling panels, no more holes in the floors, etc. In the meantime I've been working some in another office, an occasional cubicle, a little bit at home... it will be nice to get back in my own office, hopefully next week.

And Chris and I are going to help our good friends (better be good friends for this!) install their new kitchen cabinets next weekend. But they live near the beach, Ayla loves their dog Mischa, and they've got the most adorable 2-year-old son to play with, so it will be a good time. Oh yeah, we'll get to see our friends too, almost forgot. :)

Here's to home improvements!


Anonymous said...

Yeah those friends are definetely appreciative--hopefully we can repay the favor someday--want an adorable 2 year old?

Misty said...

Hmm... maybe I can rent him every now and then? :D