Thursday, December 13, 2007


My Wisp is finally finished! This took me a while, probably 30-45 minutes for each section repeat and there's 17 of them. But I really enjoyed knitting this scarf and am pretty happy with how it turned out since it is my first go at lace. Its made with one skein of Paton's Lacette on size 7 circular needles.

Here's a picture of how it's intended recipient will probably wear it (I hope she likes it!). By the by, its rather difficult to take a picture of yourself!

Here's Miss Ayla modeling it as a shawl, being demure:

And Ayla again, tied scarf-style, begging for a treat:

I loved this project - watching it grow as I knit, seeing it open up when I blocked it. I'll have to make one for myself someday, but I've promised Christopher a blanket and I have so many other things to try, I don't know if I can bring myself to do the same thing twice right now. When I'm faster, perhaps...

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