Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Movin' on Up

This year, I'm thankful for... our new couch! Check it!

Its the comfy... couch!

Its the Griffin Sectional from La-Z-Boy, a giant chocolate-brown leather beast of a couch. We weren't satisfied with our other seating and wanted something very comfortable and easy to care for with the animals. And this is it! Both ends recline, there's room for everyone, pet hair and drool wipes right off, and there's even a Liz-corner. And yes, I realize I am a hypocritical vegetarian for buying leather - I'll go sponsor a cow to make up for it.

The only draw-back is that its higher than our previous furniture and Ayla can't jump up by herself, so I have to help her. She seems to like it though and has spent many evenings lounging with us watching movies... speaking of, go watch Wall-E! Loved it!

Me and my girl

Sleep train


This replays every time Chris eats,
and oddly enough they tend to leave me alone.

Once the couch arrived last Friday I put our current sofa and chair-and-a-half up for sale on Craigslist. No takers on the sofa as of yet, but the chair sold yesterday, and I feel a little guilty. Its about 6 years old, has some stains and general wear-and-tear, though its still quite comfortable. I priced it high at $200 expecting buyers to haggle with me on the price. A couple came yesterday, barely even looked at the chair, never even sat it in or tested the recliner, and handed me two $100s for it! Caveat emptor I suppose.

Ayla loves being covered with a blanket


Liz and Kurt said...

That's an awesome couch! Are you telling me that that tall dog can't just step up onto the couch? I would have guessed she'd be a good jumper.

Misty said...


Actually, she can't really jump at all. She used to climb onto the old couch. I have to lift her into the Jetta as well. She's got some spinal issues that preclude her from jumping and make her run like a deer bounding through the forest. People always point and laugh, and she doesn't get to join in any reindeer games. :(