Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pool Party

It has been a hot, hot day. I think it was somewhere around 100°F, way too hot for the dogs to have any fun outside without collapsing. So we set up the doggie pool on the patio for them to play in a bit late this afternoon. It was very nice to dip my feet in and then relax in a patio chair while watching Ayla and Mac play too.

Mac enjoyed just pushing his glow-ball around in the water.

He also likes hoarding the toys so Ayla can't play with with, little jerk.

Caught mid-shake - those jowls make for some magnificent shaking!

Ayla planning to get in there for the tennis ball. She'll put her front legs in the pool only.

Mac shaking again, and it looks like Ayla is laughing at him.

Gretel pretending she cannot see such tomfoolery.

We recently took down our 29 gallon aquarium. F*cker, the blue cichlid, went to that big fish tank in the sky recently, so the only fish left was the Chinese algae eater. We decided to downsize and bought a small hexagonal tank to set on the pass-through bar in place of the big tank. I also picked up four mollies (two Dalmatian, one silver, and one black) since I'm in the mood for a friendly community tank now.

Fish are hard to photograph!

I transferred the algae eater to the new tank and he looks like a sea monster now. It might be a little small for him, so I'll keep an eye on things. I can always set the big tank back up if he's not happy. He spends most of the time hanging out in the Tiki hut anyway.

The Kracken!

The assistant at the fish store must have given me a pregnant female because I woke up this morning to four little baby mollies in the tank. I'm pretty sure I haven't had them long enough for them to mate and gestate. If they survive, anyone want some cute little fishes? Seriously, mollies are like the dumb adolescent Labradors of the fish world: cute, friendly, and hardy. They like to nibble my fingers when I clean the tank!

Small fry

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