Monday, November 22, 2010

Fetch Fiend

I've been playing a lot of fetch with Ayla lately. It gets dark so early now that there's not much time to do much else after work. She loves it, though I do have to use treats to get her to drop the ball. I brought the camera out this afternoon and snapped a few shots.

Ayla's ears flip inside out when she runs. They're her Princess Leia buns.

She is very intent when we're playing and can barely stand still, just look at those eyes. She also gets drooly in her excitement and looks kinda rabid.

I threw the ball up in the air for this one, though she's pretty much useless at catching. But you can see just how big of a dog she really is. Standing up like this she's only a few inches shorter than I am.

We also saw some deer on the hill right behind our condo complex. This was a young male with cute little horns. He didn't like Ayla much and took off when he spotted us.

And a few does. I don't think I've ever seen deer on this hill, just coyotes, rabbits, turkeys, and pheasant; I wonder where they came from?

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