Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's Go for a Walk

Just another walk up on our hill with Ayla. I enjoy seeing how it changes with the seasons, and seeing the grasses and flowers grow almost overnight. I don't enjoys the bees, they scare me, even if they are just big old bumble bees that won't sting me. I have issues with those creatures. And I run really fast when one starts buzzing around me, which Ayla thinks is great fun. And I don't enjoy the remains of the local coyote's dinner that Ayla is so good at finding. This is another thing Ayla thinks is fun. Crazy beast.

I love it when Ayla gets Dobe ears, pointing up. I didn't want to have them cropped because it is unnecessary, and I wanted her not to look too scary, but I do like the cropped ear look at times.

Hello little lady bug.

Ayla is serious.

Okay, not really. Sproing!

A tired dog is a happy dog. With a really long tongue.

Ayla's version of tiptoeing, through the tulips.

Hmm, Ayla appears to have lost something. Along with her marbles, that is.

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Run Lori Run said...

I love where you live...so green...