Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I'm sure we've been doing things, but I can't really think of what they are or were. I guess its nothing out of the ordinary: work, dogs, food, drink, etc. The biggest news lately is that we're no longer crating Roland when we're gone. He's penned in the bedroom so he doesn't annoy Ayla all day, and to contain any potential destruction. And he still has his crate available because he likes to sleep in it, but I took the door off.

So here's a bunch of pictures of the pups while I come up with something else to write about...

We've had fun at the local dog parks. We're very lucky to have four great parks within 15 minutes, and probably more I haven't found yet. Roland loves playing and wrestling with other dogs, and Ayla just loves being alive.

Roland loves car rides too.

Roland also likes naps.

And hanging out on the patio. Even if he does look at little suspicious.

And we carved a Halloween pumpkin.

And my rose keeps putting out blooms. Its also standing about seven feet tall.

Stay tuned, I have a now-out-of-season strawberry cake to write about.


pdubulous said...

Love the mirror pic. Photoshop excellence. That's good craft.

Misty said...

Thanks! Would you believe its just an iPhone and a filter app?