Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

We carved a pumpkin! It was a cold and dreary weekend, spent mostly indoors playing with Ayla, cooking good food, and watching movies. Chris came home from grocery shopping with a gorgeous pumpkin for our Halloween Jack-o-Lantern.

Since we took our dining room table down (we tend not to sit at it and had other uses for the space it was taking) we had to carve the pumpkin on the floor, which means Ayla got to help... at least, that's what she insists she was doing. I drew up a sketch of what we'd carve and Ayla watched intently as Chris transfered it to the pumpkin. She made sure Chris did a good job of cutting of the top and helped clean out the inside. She did her best to help carve the front of the pumpkin too.

Ayla didn't much like the pumpkin on the patio. Whenever she'd see it she'd bark at it. I took it down, let her sniff it, and she tried to eat it. Even then, she still barked at it when I put it back up. Guess she doesn't like Halloween very much.

Update - October 20 - RIP poor pumpkin. We had a heat wave and a patio railing with full afternoon sun is evidently not a great place for a cut squash in 80-degree weather.

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