Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yesterday we took Ayla to one of her favorite places: Point Isabel. Its an awesome 21-acre off-leash dog haven managed by East Bay Regional Parks. There are trails to walk on, many access points to the Bay for swimming, benches and tables all along, and even Mudpuppy's Sit & Stay Cafe for refreshments and Tub & Scrub for self-service and full-service dog washing. Ayla loves to explore here and went swimming in the water after a ball this time! She's not really afraid of the water at all, and once she got her undercarriage wet she realized water is a really great thing on a hot day. After playing ball, walking around, swimming, and general merriment for a couple hours we headed back home. Ayla got a bath at home and slept the rest of the day. In fact, she's sleeping at my feet as I type this. She loves to sleep.

Its been a quiet weekend otherwise. I've been out bargain shopping and Chris has been doing stuff around the house. By the way, today marks Chris' 5-year anniversary at work. Congrats!

It should be an easy week. We're gearing up to head up to my parents' place in Dayton, NV, next weekend. We hope to take the pup to the river there, and who knows what else we'll be doing. I'll have more news and more pitctures then.

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