Friday, May 30, 2008

The Many Places I Take My Pets

First of all - Big congrats to Liz and Kurt and welcome to the world little Jonathan! If you can count 10lbs. 2oz. little. He looks just like his daddy... bald. :)

Last weekend we found an elementary school nearby us with a nice big field behind it. Its been a great place to take the dogs to play on the off hours. There's also a couple free-standing walls for Butts Up or whatever it is the kids are playing nowadays (get off my lawn, whippersnappers!). Chris and I can bounce the ball off the wall to each other and the dogs try to intercept it, so its pretty much another version of keep-away to play with them, but still fun. And Chris taught me how to properly throw a ball, so I can throw a lot farther now with much less effort. My aim is getting better too. Maybe some day I won't throw like a girl.

You have cookie for me?

A few days ago we noticed the city or parks department had churned up a big path on the hillside so we can go up there again. With the high plants and ticks we haven't been able to go since around the time we got Mac. The main path up the hill is very steep, but Mac trucked on up after Ayla.


Water break!

I've noticed that in pictures where we're holding Mac, he looks ginormous. I think he kinda falls back into his wrinkles and rolls, and if you can't see his legs he looks like a big pudge. He is around 35lbs. now and quite stocky, but by no means fat. You wouldn't know it looking at this though.

A man and his hippo - its a beautiful thing.

I call this one "Smile with Ball"

Following that path behind Chris above, we go over the crest of the hill. From here you can see the lake on the golf course and all the fancy houses around it.

This afternoon I took the dogs swimming again. Ayla ran ahead of us and once Mac and I made it to the usual beach she was shoulder-deep in the water smiling at us. Mac ran straight to her and it got deep quick for him. He ended up doing a lot of swimming today. Ayla "swims" too... she's... special.


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