Sunday, June 29, 2008

Meet the New Grad

Mac graduated from puppy kindergarten on Friday! I need to take a video of his routine, its really cute: sit, down, roll over, sit up, high five, low five, stay, come, and then sit again. Here's a few pictures, though the quality is not great:

Mac and Me

The Little Graduate

Saturday we took my VW up for a service and to deal with the intermittent loss of power and accleration I've experience when driving, on the freeway no less! It was also rattling at low speeds. We dropped off the car and met up with some friends at Heather Farm Dog Park in Walnut Creek. It was really nice, with the standard separate big dog and little dog parks, and lots of grass surrounded by a paved path. The atmosphere was relaxed and everything was low key, surprising because of the number of dogs there. After the park we went to In 'n Out Burger for lunch and got the dogs had their own beef patty (their grilled cheese is better than their "veggie burger," which was just their regular sandwich without the meat). Then we dropped the dogs off at home and went to see Wanted. It was okay, but I thought it was kind of silly and solely a vehicle for special effects, which weren't the best in any case.

Today we picked up the VW, and as soon as I got it home it died. Seriously, some of the engine lights came on and it won't start now. They brushed off my suggestion that they look at the wiring harness (it does look melted/burned, and some online research suggests it as a possible culprit for the problem). I guess they only checked the computer for problems (none recorded) and drove it around to try to recreate the problem, which didn't happen for them. They didn't even look at what I asked them to look at. They better not charge me for another diagnostic when I take it back in. The rattle is gone though.

Otherwise we've been doing some touch-up painting around the condo and on the patio and getting everything in order for the upcoming week. At least the smoke from the wildfires is beginning to clear out. We might actually have a fireworks show to see on Friday! I'm off to figure out our menu for the 4th.

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