Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Never Wake a Sleeping Dog

... because you probably did a lot of work to get it sleeping in the first place. But more on that later.

You dare interrupt my nap on your clean blanket?

Our 4th of July was low key. Chris worked for about half the day, then we BBQ'd and watched the fireworks from our patio. It was actually a cool night so we didn't hang out on the patio long, but the show was good and its nice not having to go anywhere and deal with crowds.

We took Ayla and Mac to Point Isabel today. It was Mac's first time at the Bay and he walked the entire time with us without slowing down, the little trooper. Ayla kept looking for a way down to the water but the tide was out and everything was mud. We finally got to a small beach area and Mac got his first taste of waves and salt water. He followed one out a little way and then took off running back up the beach when the wave came in again. He finally got the hang of it and while he wouldn't go out far - I can't imagine its easy for him to swim - he seemed to like it. We'd throw a stick out for Ayla and Mac would wait to ambush her when she brought it back in so he could take it. Ayla had a blast though. I had forgotten how much she loves fetching in the Bay.

And here's my latest obsession:

I picked up Rock Bank for our XBox 360 before the holiday and am loving it. I'm on the drums and Chris is on guitar in our little band, and the game fills in bass and vocals. It is definitely challenging, but the band-geek in me isn't going to give up easily. I'm a little more than half way through a solo tour on drums (70 songs at the medium difficulty), and started a vocal solo tour too, though I think me singing Black Sabbath music is amusing. I did download the three Jimmy Buffet songs for my dad, so next time we all get together we can have some fun. I find myself listening to drum lines on songs now and imagining how to play them. I wonder how I'd be on an actual drum set?

I'm about half way through the Travelling Roses Scarf, but its just more of the same so I'll save a picture for when I have it finished. We did run across a tasty recipe over the weekend for a Cheesy Guacamole Dip: blend together 1 cup guacamole, 8 ounces cream cheese, and 1 cup grated cheddar. We like it hot, so I throw in some Frank's Red Hot Sauce as well. Its good with tortilla chips and I threw some on our salad with dinner tonight.

Rock on!

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