Sunday, September 21, 2008

It Was a Good Day

I was walking through the grocery store this afternoon when a few of my favorite sappy 80s easy-listening songs came on over the radio, and I just thought, "It was a good day." I suppose its actually been a good weekend, come to that. Its nice to feel that content at times.

Friday afternoon I took the pups to the dog park. There was a trainer in an SUV outside the park and he immediately got out when I was unloading my beasts. Mac, who thinks everyone was put on this Earth to love him, ran over to say hello. The trainer was more interested in Ayla, but she of course didn't want to go up to him. We headed on into the park, but I thought that was an interesting way to drum up business. Perhaps he'd do better actually in the park where he could chat with the dog owners easier and maybe even do a little demo. Then again, he's the one running the business.

Oh, and I sold a bookcase on Craigslist that we haven't used in a few years, and met a poet in the process. I'm quite impressed with his work, and will look for his book when I'm next at the book store.

Friday night we watched Serenity. I recently finished watching the Firefly series, and Serenity was kind of a follow-up to Firefly. The series didn't get picked up for a second season, and I really can't fathom why. It was very, very good. (And it will be coming your way soon, Dad.) If you're into sci-fi and a space-western sounds like fun to you, I heartily recommend it. Maybe Joss Whedon will get to do more with it in the future.

Saturday we mostly lazed around the house. I got take-out at our favorite Chinese place (they have great vegetarian fare), and we watched The Benchwarmers. It was okay - it had some funny points, but overall wasn't great. But the entire day was relaxing, and that was great.

Today Christopher had to work a bit, so I took Ayla and Mac swimming at Shadow Cliffs. We had a great time. Shortly after we got to the ol' swimmin' hole, a couple showed up with a standard poodle named Snoopy and a bulldog named Lu Lu. Her owner got her a life jacket so she could swim out far and not worry about drowning, since bullies can't swim very far before tiring due to their breathing. I am so getting Mac one of these!

Lu Lu in her life vest, with her favorite toy

Lu Lu was a stitch, and plenty energetic even at six years old. That gives me great hope that Mac will be as much of a go-getter as he is now. Anyway, Mac swam some and waited in ambush for Ayla whenever she got the ball.

Mac chasing Ayla down to steal the ball

Ayla swam a lot, and went pretty far out in the water. I thought I'd have to go in after her the last time I threw the ball out since she's not a great swimmer and was tired, but she got in on her own, thankfully. Maybe she needs a life vest too.

Snuggling with a loved one


Liz and Kurt said...

They look like such an odd couple, tall and skinny vs. short and stubby, but they are cute! Spot and Bear are doing better. We got them groomed and they are very excited to have short hair again. At least for this week there haven't been any escapes or any dogs on our roof (I did blog about that one didn't I?)

Misty said...

Yup, they are the odd couple. And its really funny that the little one bosses the big one around all the time. Poor Ayla.

Umm, dogs on the roof? Do tell!

Matt said...

That last picture of the two of them snuggled into the backseat of the car is one of those heart-tuggingly perfect moments... I love it!