Thursday, September 11, 2008


As in teeth.

I almost forgot to take a moment to publicly humiliate my dear brother... again. Two weeks ago Clay had his wisdom teeth removed, and my dad sent me this picture from his cell.

Modeling the toilet paper turban

Lookie, they have fancy-pants ice packs nowadays! In my day, we were lucky to have some gauze shoved in our cheeks and sent on our merry way.

Gauze?! Och, we should be so lucky. We had to pull our own teeth out with our bare hands, then had to find a scrap of old newspaper from a trash bin while walking home to use. Gauze... hmph.

Clay is healing up fast and well. Too bad I didn't get to pinch his chipmunk cheeks. :)


Liz and Kurt said...

So, being on a college campus again does NOT make me miss being an undergrad. But watching that video does make me miss night's at Stef's house.

Misty said...

I am very glad I'm done with school. It will go quickly for you though.

I miss nights at Stef's too. We once watched Monty Python while lying in my bed and drinking champagne though. That was fun!