Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doesn't Play Well With Others

Gretel wedged herself in between Mac and me on the couch the other night.

I took the dogs to the dog park after work today, and Mac is really pushing my buttons. Between being spoiled over the holiday vacation by having someone around almost constantly and getting whatever he wanted at my parents' house, and being in a fun teenage-phase of development, he's been such a pill. Then he turns those big brown eyes on me and I completely melt. Sigh.

So, I took the dogs to the dog park and as soon as we're in Mac high-tails it over to a couple playing with a toy football with their dog. And he wants that football. Nothing will stop him, which makes him very, very annoying. I don't want to be that dog owner, so I leash him up and drag him away. He manages to tear the leash from my hands twice! Now I'm yelling at him, in a dog park full of people and their well-mannered dogs. Great, I've become that other dog owner. Time to implement some hard core training and NILIF with this guy who has become too big for his britches. And reclaim my sanity.

I was chatting with another person at the park who asked about my Wonder Twins, since they are a very odd duo. After a few minutes of is that your dog? how old? he's very cute! blah blah blah, she whips out, "So are those really your dogs, or are they family dogs?" Umm... "Well, my husband and I own them, so I guess that makes them family dogs." Seriously, I'm not 16! For Pete's sake I'm nearly 30! I know, I know, take it as a compliment and at least I'll look young when I'm old, but really! And Chris recently got carded buying a video game because you have to be 17 or have a parent buy it for you. Perennial teenagers... one day I'll buy liquor without having my driver's license scrutinized. Or see an R-rated movie without ID.

This week's Barefoot Bloggers recipe comes from Karen of Something Sweet by Karen (she has some very nice photos on her blog!). Karen chose Banana Sour Cream Pancakes, and I love breakfast!

I halved the recipe since Chris isn't a breakfast eater, and ended up with 6 pancakes. I usually mash the banana and add it to the dough, but in this recipe you sprinkle diced bananas over the batter in the pan. I liked how they lightly caramelized when you flipped the pancakes. However, mine didn't cook all the way through. They were dense and the sour cream made them moist. I put the pancakes in packs of two in my freezer, so I can pop them in the oven on broil in the mornings for a quick breakfast. The pancakes were good, but not great.

We got some new elements for our fish tank recently: A giant palm tree and a tiki hut. And since the fish don't get much face time around here...

Fishy Cabana

The blue cichlid is named F***er, since he's a mean fish and killed all the other cichlids. There's also a Chinese algae eater. Together they're known as The Fish Sticks. Can you find the algae eater in the picture above? Let's take a closer look...

Why, hello there!

I've put the Cable-Down Raglan on hold for a while. I'm just not feeling it right now and have other goals, namely the Cable Comfort Throw.

Yarny Coziness

The color is very off in this picture, its a dusty blue in person, Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Denim. This is supposed to be a gift knit, if I finish in time; we will see. I'm sure it will be very warm and cozy, since I've knit two blankets with this yarn already.

That's all for now. I'm off to make a strong hot toddy and put myself in bed, to see if I can't shake this cold that kept me up all night. Or just hit the good ol' bottle of NyQuil. Its always fun to develop a cough the day after you do a lot of abdominal exercises when you just took a couple weeks off from exercising.

* cough * OUCH * cough * OUCH * cough * OUCH!

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