Monday, February 9, 2009

Old Friends

Yesterday I got together with Mary, an old friend from high school. I hadn't even known she lived so close by until Liz let me know and convinced me to start up a Facebook account - which is like an ongoing high school reunion and very addicting. We met in Walnut Creek for coffee and walked around the Broadway Plaza area, chatting and catching up. We haven't seen each other for about ten years, though we did talk on the phone once or twice in the meantime. It was great to see Mary, and its very nice to know more people in the area. We'll be getting together again soon.


I finished the most recent Sookie Stackhouse book, From Dead to Worse, in one evening. I picked it up at Borders Saturday afternoon, started it at about 5pm, and was done by 10pm. Its been a while since I was so into a story as I have been over the past few weeks with these books. I think its partially due to how easy they read, but they are incredibly engrossing. (Liz, let me know if you'd like them and I'll send them on your way) The next book comes out in May and I'm just trying to cool my heels until then.

In the meantime I'm reading the third book in Maguire's Wicked series, A Lion Among Men. I also downloaded Free Range Chickens on my iPhone (wohoo!), a collection of short stories from author and Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich. I've heard good things about this book, so I'm excited to start it, and see how the reader on the iPhone works for me.


That's all for now. I'll leave you with a few pictures from the weekend. Have a good week ahead!

Being unbearably cute

Sunny Nose


Liz and Kurt said...

You must have known that I am bookless at the moment, I would love them! I think I'll go to the postal store today and mail out cards and that other PG book for you. And in case you needed reassurance, you are a geek.

Misty said...

Coming your way soon!