Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Year

Last week marked a second Veggieversary for me - two years meet-free now! I quit eating meat (though I do eat eggs and cheese) and have not once looked back. The funny thing is that I cook meat better now than I ever have before, since I cook for Chris. I think the quality of meat I buy for him has a lot to do with that.

Chris surprised me on my Veggieversary by taking me out to dinner and a movie, and even giving me a present. This isn't as weird as it sounds - we tend to not celebrate the usual holidays and birthdays, but like random celebrations instead and because we enjoy being contrary. We went out to Chili's for dinner, where you can sub a bean patty in any burger. We had the molten chocolate cake for dessert, which is so good. And then we went to the theater and saw "Inglorious Basterds." The best part was my gift: a really great card, and a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, in red. I've been talking about getting a good small camera that I can have with me pretty much wherever I go (our G5 is nice, but large, and the iPhone camera is crappy). I love it so much! So, most of the shots on this blog from now on will likely be taken on Little Red.

Over the weekend we celebrated my work's 50th anniversary, and I racked up a ton of overtime working at the celebration. I am also very exhausted now since I worked 27 hours over Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday night we had a banquet with an important speaker, and the highlight for me was this wine:

The Naughty Boy Chardonnay was really good. I decided on this wine over the others by my usual scientific process of choosing a wine: the label. The cork has the boxer pup on it too, so I asked for one to take home with me. I think I'll try to get up to the vineyard sometime and try their other wines... the Dolcetto is calling me.

I've starting knitting again, but I'm going to let the cardigan I was working on marinate for a while. I started Knitty's Seascape Stole instead, in Frog Tree alpaca, fingering weight, colorway #64. It is soooo soft. I'm only a few inches in, and can't wait to get past the fringe and into the rolling pattern.

Chris and I took the dogs to the dog park today, and I brought Little Red with me. A woman there lovingly called Mac the ugliest thing she'd seen in a long time.

Ayla played ball with us for a while, and then just walked around with the ball and looked pretty. She's always been crazy shiny.

Mac amused people with the way he drinks at the fountain, by flopping a lip over the spout and gulping the water down.

I'm looking forward to posting more often now that I have my camera always with me. It has some pretty cool functions too that I'll be playing around with. For now, I'm off to dinner...

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