Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Working to make our place the best we can is a never-ending pursuit. On Saturday we did some running around for a few things to help out. At Bed, Bath, & Beyond we found this bedding set, which I love with the new bed and our wall color.

It came with a crazy amount all in one bag: comforter, two standard pillow shams and two euro shams, two complete sheet sets, bed skirt, three decorative pillows, four window valances, and a throw! All on sale for $199, minus 20% from one of the ubiquitous coupons that are always coming in the mail. What a deal!

We also picked up this giant wall clock to replace the little office-style one we had. I love that it shows the temperature and humidity as well.

And we bought this secretary desk at Ikea to set up a small office area in the back room, where we only had Gretel's cat tree for a while now. It closes up to hide all of the office stuff. I also think its funny that on top of the desk is a Halo Master Chief helmet (Chris') and a tote of yarn and knitting paraphernalia (mine). While Chris was assembling it, I went to the pool to hang out with some of my neighbors and drink mojitos. :)

I'm looking for a chair to go with the desk. I'm thinking an upholstered straight-back chair, not an office chair, maybe in a pattern similar to the bedding. We'll see what I find.

Speaking of knitting, I've made some progress on Anouk, which I'm now renaming Watermelon because of the colors. I'm making the 6-months size according to the pattern, but I think it might turn out quite a bit bigger.

In honor of the End of Summer, I grilled some burgers (veggie for me, of course) on the BBQ and whipped up some coleslaw. These, with a few cocktails, and Band of Brothers on TV, pretty much sums up the day for us.

Happy Labor Day!

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