Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Mammoth Trip

We went to Mammoth... again. As usual, it was great. Bullet points of what we did:
  • BBQ steak night on Friday
  • Mochas at The Looney Bean
  • Relaxed at Greg's place
  • Took the inflatable raft up to Horseshoe and floated around
  • Personal Oktoberfest with grilled brats, potato salad, and beer
  • Rooftop archery
  • Monopoly (Chris won)
  • Fresh blueberry muffins and Cuppy's Coffee
  • Went to Mammoth Creek
  • Met up with the boys' dad at the Bishop Country Club and hit some balls
  • Pizza lunch
  • Bowling (Greg won, twice... but my last two tries down the lane were strikes!)
  • Grumpy's for fried food and pool
  • Chocolate bars from Schat's Bakery
We came home just before the weather turned, and now its snowed about 4" in town from the pictures I've seen!

Here's the pictures...

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