Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Autumn Mums

I didn't learn my lesson - I took both dogs for a walk again over the weekend, and I'm now declaring Mac officially a Bulldog. He just can't hang!

We went up on a hill and I let them run off-leash. Ayla had a fantastic time chasing ground squirrels and bunnies (which she resembles when she's running, by the way). Mac did his best to keep up and barreled through the bushes after her. Then we rested here for a while on the way down the hill.

And about ten yards further, Mac found another shady spot.

And then he found some pleasantly damp grass to chill on.

He looks seriously dead in that photo. When we finally got back on the road he made us wait at a stoplight for FIVE traffic cycles before he'd get up and cross. People pointed and laughed when they realized what was happening. He got up twice, only to lie down again just before the crosswalk signal came on. Eventually, I gave up and sat on the curb with him. And once we were across he tried to lay down in more grass, but I was able to keep him going all the way home.

I think Mac won't be accompanying Ayla and I on many walks in the future. He really, really wants to, and pouts at home when I don't take him. But its just too much for the little guy!


Hungarican Chick said...

OMG that last picture!! LOL!!! Looks like a roast with legs! How cute. I love bulldogs

Liz and Kurt said...

That's too funny. I wonder how Spot and Bear would do trying to keep up with Ayla? They've gotten awfully chubby out here in CA (perhaps if I walked them?) :)