Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fried Dill Pickles

So, another Mammoth trip... unfortunately Tioga Pass closed the night before we drove up, so what had been a 4.5 hour trip is now 6 or so since we have to drive up to South Lake Tahoe and then down. That 1.5 hours really makes a difference too.

Its very, very cold in Mammoth now. So cold, in fact, that Ayla voluntarily cuddled up with Mac:

He totally snuggles with her in the car, and since she can't get away she puts up with it. Mac and I were sitting on the couch when Ayla climbed up and all but laid on Mac, the little personal heater. They stayed like this for about an hour, until someone came to the door and they had to jump up to greet/scare them away.

We were quite busy this trip, and ended up going out to eat most of the time:

- Mediterranean pizza from Nik-n-Willies... really good and spicy.
- Veggie wrap at Good Life Cafe... pretty good, a little dry.
- Veggie burrito at Amigo's in Bishop... had beef in it; they didn't charge for my dinner, but I lost
my appetite.
- Veggie pizza at Pizza Factory in Bishop... meh.
- Veggie burger at Angel's in Mammoth... decent

But Oh. My. God. Angel's fried dill pickles were sooo good! Chris is not a pickle fan, and even he liked them. I need to recreate these at home with some sliced pickles, for easier ranch-sauce dipping. I had some regular pickles today and they just weren't the same. If you have the chance, and even remotely like pickles, you must try them!

So the plan is to be back up for Thanksgiving. Its a lot of driving, but worth it to see my two favorite Willers together!


Melody said...

Your pups are so cute. We have four of our own, plus one foster currently. I completely understand the whole "I'm only sitting close to get warm" thing.

Foodycat said...

Cute dogs!

I've read about fried pickles but I don't really understand. Are they battered and deepfried, or just sort of stirfried to heat through?

Misty said...

They are battered, deep-fried slices of heaven!