Friday, April 23, 2010

365 Photo and Five Senses Friday

Candy striped petunia
Princess lilies and mint that were neglected all winter
My grapevine is going crazy
The petunias too, which were also neglected all winter
Birthday banana split sundae for me :)
A little fun

* * * * *

Fine Senses Friday is a nice way to reflect upon the previous week. Want more? Pay Abby Try Again a visit.
Hearing: Squirrels scolding Chris while he was working the patio
Tasting: Banana split sundaes yesterday for my birthday
Smelling: Fresh, clean laundry that I finally got around to doing
Seeing: A new arrangement of picture frames on my wall that I need to fill, and cut lilies from a friend's yard
Feeling: The cushy comfort of my new memory foam mattress topper... so nice

Happy Friday!

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