Monday, April 11, 2011


The usual: Ayla smiling out the back window when I drive. She's such a happy dog, especially when I take her on errands with me. I noticed some white on her muzzle recently. I didn't think Dobes gray with age, but I guess I haven't seen many old Dobes. Ayla is only 5, not yet a senior. You can't be getting old on me yet, girlie. Though I may start calling you Grey Goose in addition to your other nickname, Monkey.


PrincessM said...

Do you not have the Bully anymore???

Misty said...

Sadly, he passed away last October. It hurt too much to write a memorial post for him, and I miss him dearly every day. We're about ready to add a new bulldog to our family again though, so if you have breeder suggestions I'd love to hear them.

PrincessM said...

My husband and I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your sweet boy...I am so sorry to hear he passed =(

The thought of adding another Bully to our crew has crossed our minds many times. They are definitely a one of a kind breed.

I will keep my eye out...I believe we live pretty close to eachother.

Misty said...

Thank you. I love your picture of yours in the trash bin. Once you've had a bully, it's hard to be without. :)