Sunday, June 12, 2011

Social Butterfly

 Roland assisted in washing the car today. Well, he actually ran around finding fun and interesting things to put in his mouth, and climb over curbs (its bigger on the other side) while we cleaned the car.

We wanted to clean the car because we had places to go!

 Socialization is one of the most important things you can do for your puppy. Introducing him to all sorts of people, animals, places, and experiences helps him develop into a confident adult dog. We've been socializing Roland with our neighbors, and today we took him up to our friends' house to meet them, their dog Leela, ride in a different car, and go to a new place.

Leela did great with Roland, and he's very dog-oriented so it was lots of fun for him to meet another dog. And we had some group photos taken!

After about an hour of visiting we headed home. And since it was a beautiful day we put the top down on the Toyota.

Once home, Roland played with his new toy for a while, a cute frog that was a gift from our friends. Thanks!

But after a busy morning and then visiting, he was bushed. He's spent most of the rest of the day doing this.

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Run Lori Run said...

That last photo cracks me up! I met a dog today that was not socialized properly as you describe. Barked and growled the whole time I was there... yikes!