Monday, August 1, 2011

Heavy Lifter

I've discovered that Roland wears a size 18 mos. in children's clothes.

He has a little skin irritation from grass at the parks we've been going to, and I needed something to stop him from scratching himself up when he felt itchy. Hello baby clearance rack at Target! I got him the Heavy Lifter shirt you see here, another blue shirt similar, and an super cute white tee shirt with a picture of a bulldog riding a skateboard on it. He's all meta and stuff! I'll get pictures of that one soon too. The shirts work great as well.

He's loving the dog parks. He gets right in the mix with the big dogs, then they take off and he's left standing there wondering where they all went. Poor little bulldog legs can't take him as fast as the other big dogs can go. Its a lot of fun to have a dog that understands how to play with other dogs, and enjoys it.

Ayla is just a little... special, as far as that goes. She loves going to the parks too though. In fact, she loves going anywhere really.

Ack, blurry! But I love him expression here. He always looks like he's saying "Hrrmmphhh" to me.

But he is the snuggliest little pup ever. He really, really loves to cuddle.

He also doesn't really like me chasing him with my camera. Did you notice how he's trying to get away from me in this progression? Whoa is Rollie, but I'm a bit more stubborn than he is, even if he does try to hide in the blankets.

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Run Lori Run said...

Oh my, this is the cutest!