Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Meetup

 When we were looking for a bulldog puppy I learned about the SF Bulldog Club and their monthly meetup at Crissy Field in San Francisco. A whole bunch of bulldogs playing on the beach? Sign me up! Now that Roland has all of his shots and such we took a trip out to the city yesterday. 

Crissy Field is amazing, a giant dog-friendly park and beach in the Presidio are of San Francisco. We ended up parking at the opposite end of the beach than where the meetup was meeting up, so we headed through the park and down the shore about a mile. Along the way we saw all sorts of dogs, as well as joggers and bikes and many other people out enjoying a very nice morning on the bay.

We finally made it down to find a large group of people and 25 or more bulldogs having a good time. At first Rollie was unsure; he's never been in such a large group of people or dogs and there had been quite a few firsts on this trip already. But he made some friends and had a fantastic time running around. He especially liked the ladies - two other little white bullies named Pippa and Belle. There was a big tan guy he liked playing with too. There were pups a little younger than Rollie all the way up to some senior citizens, and they ranged in color from white to tan to dark brindle. It was quite a sight, I can only image what people thought who didn't know about the meetup and came across a large group of bulldogs in the sand.

Here's a video of Roland playing with some friends.

And here's a slideshow of some of the fifty or so pictures I took (hover over the slideshow and press the pause button if you want to take a closer look at a photo):

And another little treat:

how to make gifs

When we finally got home Roland was absolutely exhausted. We walked two miles, mostly in the sand, and he probably ran around another half mile or more with the other dogs. But he was a really good boy and we had such a fun time. We'll definitely be doing it again!

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