Sunday, August 29, 2010

Still Alive

And if you get that reference, I just might kiss you.

I'm still here, I just haven't had an urge to blog much lately. I think its coming back though.

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen on the patio. This has been an unseasonably cold summer, with a few hot spells here and there (107 degrees last week!), so they've been slow to mature.

We've been eating, of course. There has been sinfully rich creamed corn (adapted from some recipe I found online, but I no longer remember where it was).

There has been many a spicy sriracha burger (just add a good amount of sriracha sauce and whatever other seasonings you like, such as garlic powder and black pepper, to ground beef and grill; I coat a veggie burger in a similar mixture for myself, and plan to incorporate it into a homemade veggie/bean burger soon).

Last week was my 3rd Veggie-versary, and I celebrated by making personal zucchini lasagnes in big ramekins (thinly slice zucchini length-wise and toss with salt, put in a colander, and let the moisture leech out for at least 30 minutes; then use in place of lasagne noodles with your favorite lasagne components).

I've been keeping quite busy with music, playing on board the USS Hornet with the Hornet Big Band; at the Sunol Jazz Cafe for regular gigs and even a wedding party with the Nightlife Big Band; and at the Livermore Farmers Market, Alden Lane Nursery's Art Under the Oaks, Ravenswood Historic Site and more with the Pleasanton Community Concert Band. I have no pictures, since my hands were full of saxophone, but I'll try to get hold of some that I know were taken at some of the events.

And today my good friend Stef came to visit and have some fun. We started with lunch at Stomp Wine Bar in Blackhawk Plaza. They have a large wine list and small plates for noshing. We sat on the patio in the comfy cushioned patio chairs, near the fireplace that I imagine is divine on a cool night. I had the 2007 Skylark Pinot Blanc, from the Orsi Vineyard in Mendocino, which was very good - subtle and refreshing. She had the 2007 Unti Barbera from Dry Creek Valley, which was underwhelming until we tried it with food, then it was quite good. When you sit the waiter brings water and house-made potato and root vegetable chips, with a little dip.

We stuck the metal lizard in the cone there in honor of our friend Liz, who we wish could have been there with us. There was another metal lizard on the fireplace grill that we were taking pictures of, so the waiter brought this one out for us to play with.

We ordered the fava bean crostini - spicy fava beans on top of what I believe was ricotta and toasted baguette, with an apricot drizzle. It was excellent.

And we had the fresh fig, goat cheese, prosciutto (I didn't eat the prosciutto), and caramelized onion flatbread, which was earthy and delicious.

I was eyeing the house-made chocolate and cheese platter desert course, but we were too full, which only means we'll need to go back and sample some more.

After lunch we had a good time shopping and hanging out. And I bought a pair of black sequined flats as DS shoes that are very cute, so I'm happy. Then we took the dogs out to play a little fetch, and Stef chased Mac around trying to get his plush soccer ball from him, which is just what he wanted.

All in all, a great day. I may not have a ton of friends, but I truly love and appreciate the ones I do have. :)