Friday, March 14, 2008


Christopher and I have been talking about adding another dog to our household for a while now, and specifically an English Bulldog. We were taking Ayla to visit her trainer a few months back and she had a bulldog puppy in her class. We talked with the dog's owner a bit and admired the pup, and our trainer insisted we take down the breeder information. The breeder just happened to have a litter that would be ready to go about a month later, so after much discussion between Chris and I, and many emails and pictures from the breeder, we decided to go for it.

Little Mac came all the way to us from Alabama. I picked him up at the airport this past Monday and we've all been in love ever since. He is a feisty little monster at times, but it also a sweet little lovebug. He snores, loudly. He grunts, snorts, and groans a lot. And he is completely adorable. Just look at this sleepy face:

He weighed 11 pounds when we brought him home, though he's gained half a pound since then. He's a roly-poly little guy:

And here you can she his stout little body, with plenty of wrinkles:

Ayla is adjusting to Mac. At first she was scared (yes, she is a scardy-cat Doberman - I even have a shirt for her that says "Wanna-Be Doberman"). Now she's interested and plays a little, though she's still a little wary. And she's lacking sleep since there's so much to watch. Come to think of it, we're all a little low on sleep:

We're working on penning/crating him for when we have to be at work. He doesn't like it, but its getting better. Its been interesting comparing Mac to Ayla as a puppy. She was a very quiet puppy, and she's always been so delicate and feminine. Mac is all boy, rough and tumble.

And he has so many wrinkles!!!


Gabe's3Girls said...

Ooh I knew this was it when you wrote that comment to Liz! He is adorable!

Misty said...

Yeah, you guessed it right away!

Puppies are cute for a reason. Their sharp little teeth? Not so cute.

He's a really good little guy though, and so funny. Our neighbor tried to take him home last night!