Monday, March 3, 2008


I've been too lazy to upload pictures and post a new entry. I think its because I have quite a few pictures to look through and edit, but I feel like I shouldn't post without pictures... *sigh*

The weather has been gorgeous out here lately, which is good because it was raining cats and dogs before that. Last Friday I took Ayla swimming at Shadow Cliffs. We haven't been in a while due to weather, though Chris took her a couple times when he was off for a week. I did my old routine of picking up a veggie sandwich from Subway, grabbed the dog, and headed out (I ate my Salt & Vinegar chips on the drive, but didn't share with the pup since I figured she wouldn't like them). There was a fire truck in the parking area when we got there, but they didn't say anything to me so I figured it was okay to go in. We walked around a while in the valley and an emergency helicopter circled above us for 15 or 20 minutes, but I didn't see smoke or anything, so we kept going. We got to our beach area and I set up my little picnic. There was a Parks police SUV on the road above us, but still no word. I have no idea what it was all about, but they all went away fairly quickly. Ayla played in the water and chased her ball a lot, so we had a good time.

Saturday morning we went on our hike. Someone please convince my dog to stop eating cow pies! Its funny though, a few of the other hikers really start retching whenever any of the dogs has a little snack. I just don't want kisses from a manure-mouth.

I watched Elizabeth last week, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age on Saturday. They were both great; Cate Blanchett was wonderful in them. I'm disappointed to hear that The Other Boleyn Girl is getting awful reviews from film critics since I've been looking forward to it for a long time now. I'll just wait until I can rent it I suppose.

Sunday we took care of things around the house, played on the hill with Ayla, and relaxed on the patio. I made French onion soup and Portobello Wellingtons for dinner. It was tasty, and I have a good base to add upon for the Wellingtons now. And puff pastry always looks so neat.

Now to get started on those pictures...


Liz and Kurt said...

Your life sounds so nice and calm... you definitely need kids. Triplets I think. Anyways, I can't wait to come visit you next year and see all these places you talk about! Just don't move between now and then :)

Misty said...


That's why I have pets. They keep me busy enough. :)

We have no plans to move anytime soon. Come see me!!!