Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a Weekend!

We have had a very nice, and very productive weekend. Yesterday we washed the cars in the morning with both dogs down at the car wash in our complex. I kept Ayla on a leash most of the time since she has a habit of wanting to go visit the golfers on the course below us, but Mac was free and mostly followed us around. Once the cars were clean we brought the dogs back to the condo, gave everyone treats and put Mac in his pen, then Chris and I headed out to Home Depot. We picked up gardening supplies for the patio, then went to Pet Food Express for pet supplies including a nice new bed for Mac's pen. Once we were back home the dogs, cat, and both of us headed to the patio where Chris gardened and I attempted to keep Mac out of the soil. I had to make a trip out to pick up a few more bags of soil, which blew up in the truck of the car (fun). We got the patio cleaned up just in time to enjoy some BBQ-ing in the late afternoon sun.

Today we did pretty much the same. We had to go back to Home Depot for another planter, and we came back and BBQ'd Gardenburgers for lunch. In the afternoon we piled the dogs in the car and went out for a drive, came back and played ball with Ayla while Mac explored, then BBQ'd dinner. Can you tell we like our grill? Mac even met one of our neighbor's St Bernard today, and was thrilled with the big guy. Oh, and Mac can already sit on command too!

Instead of putting up a ton of single pictures, here's a little slideshow:

And here's a little video of Mac and the Hot Dog:


Liz and Kurt said...

I don't know who takes the pictures, but they are great. I like the ones in the field.

The video was riveting, Kurt and I are waiting for the sequel -'digestion', and to complete the trilogy 'defication'. You could sell it, really, I'm thinking one version with commentary and one without :)

Misty said...

Do you mean the picture of Chris and Mac in the grass? Its an analog of a picture I took of Chris and Ayla in the same grass when she was a puppy:¤t=Grass.jpg

And do I detect a hint of sarcasm about the video? :-P You really don't want to be around for the digestion phase. Bulldogs are known to have "active" systems, and Mac's no exception, the little stinker. As far as the final phase... he grunts, so audio would be necessary. :)