Sunday, April 6, 2008

Getting Close

There's been a lot of inter-species snuggling going on in our household lately. Gretel shoved herself into the space between Ayla's head and the couch arm, and they slept like that for an hour or more:

Gretel's also taken to snuggling with the fish, as best she can:

We've been working on training too. Mac can already sit on command, and we're working on down. Ayla follows the commands with gusto when we're working since she wants the treats too. And even Gretel deigns to sit for a treat, but only when it pleases her:

We've also tried to get a family portrait of the five of us, with our remote function on our camera:

Its been a good weekend. Yesterday we took the dogs to visit our trainer and sign Mac up for puppy kindergarten in late April. Then we went to the dog park - Chris took Mac in the little dog side, and I took Ayla in the big dog side. There was only a little white dog for Mac to play with, which wasn't much interested. It is a shame since Mac really would like someone to wrestle with.

After the dog park we went to check out Club K-9 in Castro Valley, a ranch facility that provides dog boarding, doggy daycare, and other dog services. We are thinking of taking Ayla there one day a week, to work on her shyness around strangers (both human and canine). She needs to get her shots renewed before she can go to what we're referring to as her spa days, so I'll take her in to our vet this week and hopefully we can start taking her soon, and hopefully she learns to love it. She's a girly dog already:

Yes, I painted Ayla's nails. Blue. I think they're pretty. :)

Today we've been doing small things around the house and watching Lord of the Rings on TV (even though we own the trilogy?!). I've also done some work on Chris' blanket (more than two-thirds done now, the end is in sight!) and some reading (I'm on a Tudor and England kick since I started with Phillipa Gregory, recently finished Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet, and am now on Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir). It should be a quiet week for us. I hope its restful for you too!


Liz and Kurt said...

Yeah, new books to read!!! I'd been meaning to ask you if you'd read anything good lately. I just finished a book called Labrynth by Kate Moss that I enjoyed. Now, about that family portrait... sorry to tell you, but Ayla really isn't a 'lap' dog, although she probably doesn't know that. Our neighbors take their dog to doggie daycare once a week just to play and run since they don't have a big yard, and the dog absolutely loves it, I'm sure Ayla will too. I had never heard of such a thing, but I guess it makes sense.

Adventures of two people, two dogs, a cat, and some fish. said...

I'll send Pillars of the Earth to you if you'd like. I've got something else for you too.

What do you mean Ayla's not a lap dog? Just wait until Mac is full grown (55 lbs!) and both Chris and I have lap dogs! :)

I dropped Ayla off at daycare this morning and she was terrified. I hope she makes friends and has a good time. I feel bad leaving her when she's so scared. :(

No comment on the pedicure...?

Liz and Kurt said...
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