Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So Much To Say...

Yikes, its been a while! Not too much out of the ordinary has been happening. Three weekends ago Ayla and I went hiking with my neighbor and her dog Christie. We tried out a new trail at Las Trampas I've been eager to use, and it was great. There were fewer people and more trees.

Looking back on the trail we came up:

Taking a breather:
Mac pondered the Hefeweizen:

Two weekends ago Ayla and I went to visit my parents and left the boys (and Gretel) home to fend for themselves. Turns out they played at the park and had In-n-Out Burger, so I think they got along fine. I got to spend time with my mom, dad, little bro, grandparents, and my uncle! It was really nice to see everyone, and we even got my grandparents to go out to Indian food with us - a first for them.

The 22nd was my birthday (ack! 28!) and I came down with a cold that I think my brother gave me. I am just now getting over it and feeling human again. But we did have fun at the park with the dogs, get Chinese take-out, and watch Sweeny Todd on my birthday before I started feeling too bad. I also got a new cabinet to house my knitting stuff, and Mac was very helpful to Chris in putting it together:

This past weekend I started puppy kindergarten classes with Mac. He's the biggest dog there, weighing in at 25 pounds now. At the end of the class we have play time for the puppies and he played a bit with a precious little Weim girl. The other dogs include a shy golden retriever, two yorkies, and a French bulldog. When he got to orough playing I'd flip him on his back and we'd pile all the other puppies on him, and he loved it! I wish I had pictures of it, maybe this Saturday.

We also cleaned our carpets (again! a necessity when you have lots of pets and little space). Chris piled tons of stuff up on the bed, and of course Gretel, being a cat, decided it was the perfect place to lay down (that's my new cabinet in the corner, it has drawers below for my stash and needles, and other things):

Sunday we planted new flowers - African daisies and petunias - on the patio and had a relaxing time enjoying the hot weather, and BBQ-ing of course.

Next time I must post my latest favorite recipe for pizza dough. We've been eating a lot of pizza lately, but at least I can pronounce everything in it, so it can't be that bad! Rationalize much?

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