Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

No, not that Lazy Sunday...

I've spent the day doing whatever sounded good at the time. I watched Rachel Getting Married, which was very good (especially if you have any experience, on either side, of the subject matter). While watching the movie I finished knitting the left front of my Silk Cocoon Cardigan, so now I only have the right front to go. I made mock tuna sandwiches for a late lunch (quasi-recipe to come). And then I took the dogs out for a walk.

I have been taking Mac on my walks with Ayla more often lately because he jumps off his spot on the couch and runs to me at the door whenever I start grabbing collars and leashes. When we're out walking he goes very, very slowly, but he never wants to turn back. We did this a few days ago: we started on the walk and Mac was lagging behind Ayla and I quite a bit. I assumed Mac was tired so I turned around to head home after only a short distance, and he just stood there and looked at me. As soon as I started moving forward again he resumed his slow walk. A little ways farther and I tried to turn home again, and again Mac just stood there refusing to follow. Rinse and repeat once or twice more and I finally realized that Mac is just growing up into an adult bulldog. His normal pace is now a mosey, with the occasional trot thrown in when circumstances call for it. And when we get to the areas where I let them off-leash Mac will nearly keep up with Ayla running around.

Tall sweet grass to munch

Sometimes the grass eats you

Ayla's too busy visiting the salad bar to worry about Mac

Surveying what he considers his kingdom

Little stud muffin

My slow walks with Mac and Ayla have been quite nice. Ayla is really learning to go slowly despite her preferred speed-walking pace, making her overall walking manners nicer. It slows me down too, I pay more attention to the scenery and sensations, which is almost meditative, and come home feeling very relaxed. 

How do you relax?

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Michelle said...

as always...great pics! I wish I lived in your area. Lucy would totally dig that place! I love your knitting projects. I totally want to learn how, but it's so hard!