Monday, June 4, 2007

Sleep? Yes, please!

So Friday night was a tough one. Ayla didn't do well with the anesthesia. She slept the entire evening after I brought her home from the vet. Chris and I woke her up to get water in her and some food. That was a mistake. When we tried to go to bed that night Ayla couldn't settle down. She'd lie down and immediately get up again, trot into the living room, come back, rinse and repeat. Then she started whimpering the entire time. I took her out 4 times that night since she wasn't feeling well and I spent the rest of the night sitting up with her and trying to figure out what to do for her. Finally around 8 or 9 the next morning she threw up everything she had eaten and was able to settle down. Poor thing. And yuck.

Saturday happened to be our anniversary too. What a great way to start it! We've been married 3 years now, and together for 11 years. Wow, where does the time go?

When we got married on Maui the night we left we ate at Mama's Fish House ( That is the best meal I've ever had, definitely worth the higher price tag. Seriously, if you are ever on Maui you absolutely must have dinner there. Since we couldn't be back on Maui for our anniversary (maybe next year?) I thought it would be fun to have a nice dinner out at a local fancy Hawaiian place. But with Ayla's surgery, we opted to stay home and BBQ instead. Our grill has probably been one of the best investments we made. We use the heck out of it, and the propane tank just yesterday ran out, after probably a year! I've got to go get it refilled soon. I might go into BBQ withdrawls.

It was an otherwise uneventful weekend. We grilled, we ate, we played with our gimpy dog, and we rented the first couple DVDs of "Rome" which we are now hooked on. HBO does a good job with its dramas. I love Sopranos and can't wait till the current season is out on DVD; Deadwood is another really good one, the second season comes out this weekend I think; now I'm into Rome. I just wish I could add HBO to our current cable TV without having to upgrade to some expensive package. I suppose I'm practicing patience... I hear its a virtue. :)

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