Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Have you tried SoyRizo? If you haven't, and you like chorizo, you definitely should. It is much healthier and doesn't contain all of the fun random piggie parts, such as lymph nodes and cheeks if I remember correctly, that chorizo has. And it tastes nearly the same!

You should be able to find it at most supermarkets, and I believe Trader Joe's carries its own brand. It cooks up just like chorizo, and while I often put it in veggie tacos I also love having soyrizo and eggs on a lazy weekend morning.

This time I fried up some diced red onion and a diced potato, then added the soyrizo and let it cook down a bit. The I added four eggs with a dash of milk, lightly beaten, and scrambled them as usual. By the way, I found it very difficult to take pretty pictures of scrambling eggs and soyrizo... not really a beauty food, is it?

Serve topped with shredded extra sharp cheddar and fresh salsa.

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Gabe, Mari & girls said...

My mom used to make us real chorizo and eggs all the time and I loved it. Then one of my brothers told me all the horrific details, and I hated it. I was SO happy to find soyrizo! This post made me crave some! Trader Joe's here I come!