Monday, May 31, 2010

Bobbing for Apples

Or balls, in my dogs' case.

We keep a bucket of water on the patio, for watering the plants (it usually takes a watering pitcher plus the water from the bucket, and more when it gets very hot in the summer). The dogs are obsessed with drinking from the bucket and race outside to it whenever we open the slider. For fun we throw a ball in there to retrieve.

Ayla delicately puts her long snout in the water and pulls out her orange ball.

Mac has no such luxury, and must shove his entire head into the bucket since the water offers so little resistance to get the ball far enough into his maw so he can pull it out of the water. Its impressive. And splashy.

Then he helps Chris water the plants.

He helps by getting right behind Chris and making him almost trip when he backs up. What a good dog.

And then we all head inside for dinner...

While the patio dries out again and its peaceful once more.