Monday, May 24, 2010

Dog Infirmary

Back from my short blog-break... We've been dealing with some doggy health issues lately. Mac has been sick since January, and I think he may be getting somewhat better now, but it has been a rollercoaster since then. The past two weeks have been pretty difficult too as we're weaning him off of a steroid medication he's been taking. And then Ayla does who-knows-what to injure her paw and loses the entire pad from one of her right front toes. That's pretty much over now an the toe isn't tender any longer. While her paw was hurt I put a dog bootie on that foot to protect everything, as you'll see below. Last week I was able to take her for a long walk after not being able to for a few weeks, and boy was she ready!

But first, pretty flowers from our walk. I think these are daisies.

A gorgeous, giant peach rose.

Closer up.

More roses, I believe.

And a bottle brush tree. I love these... so Seussian.

With wacky flowers.

Ayla and I got down to the park and I let her loose in the tennis court to run around a bit. Some nice person there before us left a tennis ball behind too.

Ayla loves to fetch, though she's not very good at giving the ball back unless I have treats to bribe her with.

She's pretty much always happy though.

Back at home, Mac lounged in the sun on the patio. 

 He's gotten a lot of his energy back now, though, and its rare that I can sit down without him coming over with his favorite glow ball, wanting me to throw it down the hall for him. He's still got quite a ways to go before he's better, poor guy. But my neighbor has invited him over for cocktails once he's well, so he has incentive.


Run Lori Run said...

With cocktails as an incentive I bet he'll be up and at 'em soon! Very cute photos!

Liz and Kurt said...

Those flower pictures are really pretty. That peach rose was just too perfect, good find.

Ayla is the least scarey Dobermine that I've ever met, she just looks like a happy goofball.

Hope Mac keeps getting better!