Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Excellence and Weirdos

Thank you Michelle for passing on this blog award. I'm all warm and fuzzy inside that you think my little blog is excellent. :) I met Michelle through Liz and have enjoyed both her blog and her cooking blog. So go on over and check her out! I'm passing this award on to:

Liz - you don't post nearly enough, but that's understandable :)
Mari - your girls are incredibly cute and I love reading about your adventures
Ricki - another person who shares a love for her dogs and for cooking
Chocolatechic - for your great pictures and delectable food

Liz tagged me for weird facts about myself, so here goes nothing:

1. I drink dill pickle juice - yup, straight from the jar. I love it and used to sneak it, but Chris caught me red-handed once so now I don't try to hide it. Since I'm the only one who eats pickles in this household the pickle juice is mine, all mine!

2. The finger tip joints on both of my ring fingers do not work. Look at your fingers and notice that you have little wrinkles at all the joints? The joints closest to the nail on my ring fingers are completely smooth, and the finger is somewhat curved.

3. I have a false front tooth. I knocked it out going over a bike jump on a scooter when I was ten or so. It wasn't until I was in college that I was able to get the final fake implanted, and the surgeon had to build up the bone area with cadaver bone. The implant itself is titanium. Creepy and cool.

4. I have a freckle in my eye. In the lower part of my right iris is a darker pinpoint that looks just like a freckle. Oh, and if the light hits my eyes just right they look orange. If I wear green near my face, they look greenish. Yeah for hazel eyes!

5. I'm a terrible sleeper. The slightest thing wakes me up, and I have a hard time sleeping when there's noise or light (though I find Mac's snoring comforting now that I'm accustomed to it). When Ayla gets up in the night I almost always wake up, settle her in bed again or put her blanket back over her (yes, my dog has a blankie), and then go back to sleep. I can't remember the last time I didn't at least wake up, if not get up, in the night. I occasionally have bouts of insomnia too, which are very frustrating. And I used to sleep walk - I even got in the shower in my sleep when I was a kid. I do have very vivid and entertaining dreams though. I also usually sleep on six or seven hours a night and do just fine.

6. I'm allergic to Pepto Bismol. It turns my tongue black/green. When I was a teen my mom took me to the doctor because my tongue turned strange colors. He had to "consult his books" and my mom teased me about turning into an alien from the inside out. He didn't know what it was, but prescribed something for me anyway. The pharmacist filling the script asked if I had taken Pepto recently and identified that as the cause of my Martian tongue. I haven't taken Pepto since. A black/green tongue is seriously disconcerting!

That was an interesting exercise, and kind of fun. I'm not tagging anyone in particular to do this, but if you do, leave a comment to let me know so I can find out more about the other weirdos out there. :)


Ricki said...

Thanks so much for the award! And that you think my blog is excellent :)

I LOVED your random facts! One of my oldest friends drinks pickle juice, too. And your "creepy and cool" tooth--awesome! I would have thought you'd reject someone else's bone, like an organ transplant ;)

I also sleep with a snorer, but must say I don't think I'd ever get used to it!

Misty said...

Its my pleasure!

Thinking about the pickle juice is making my mouth water. Gross, I know. Maybe I'm deficient in something that makes me crave vinegar and salt. And the cadaver bone is sterilized and ground up to powder, so its not like I have a whole chunk in there from someone else's mandible. Although that would be cool.

I like Mac's snoring (he's the bulldog). Its actually gotten quieter since he was a puppy. Ayla, the Dobe, hardly makes any noise at all, except when she barks. Do The Girls snore?

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

hey misty...stupid question, but how hard is it to knit all those cool sweaters and scarves. I'm really interested in picking up the hobby. so what's the best way to get started?

Misty said...

If you're right-handed it will be a lot easier (I'm lefty, darn it!). You can pick up a teach-yourself kit at a craft store that will come with instructions and a few tools. Many craft stores also offer classes.

Knitting Help has wonderful videos of the techniques and forums for questions:

Its really not very hard. I taught myself, and I had to reverse everything. I find it calming and fun, and something to do with my hands while I watch TV or watch Chris play video games.

peggy said...

congrats on your awards! I loved your pot pie photo. Is that just a mushroom steak or a real steak? Either way, it looks delicious. I really liked the pot pies. :) And you are redecorating - just like me. I'm re-doing my kitchen and it has been a train station wreck.

peggy said...

hey - also, be sure to leave a comment on my TWD chocolate cupcakes blog by tomorrow night for my give away! Good luck.

Ricki said...

Re: the Girls, Elsie is totally silent and stealthy--you never even hear her walk into the room (she usually sleeps in the corner). Chaser, on the other hand, thumps her way in, then lies down with a thud, then groans, then snores. I haven't slept well since we got her! ;)