Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wish You Were Here

Stef came to visit me today. I didn't bring my camera (darn it!) but we had a great time. She got to meet Mac, and Ayla was overjoyed to see her as usual. We hopped in the convertible and went to Danville to find a little trouble. We had lunch at The Rising Loafer where we sat on the patio and watched the people and motorcycles go by. Stef had a turkey sandwich on very tasty garlic basil bread, while I had a slice of quiche and cup of cream of green chili soup. The soup was good and very thick. The quiche was way too eggy and the additions were only on the top, not mixed throughout. I think next time I would try a sandwich or salad.

After lunch we walked down to the library where there was an Art Fair on the lawn. There was a nice jazz trio playing and we did well naming the standards they played (Stef got "Satin Doll" in the first few bars - impressive!). We looked at the pottery, jewelry, and wall art. And Stef bought me a pair of really cute earrings with little iridescent butterflies, insisting she had missed my birthday. I love them!

Then we headed over to Corks Wine Store to do some tasting. The store is decorated in warm and dark tones, with great art on the walls and marble tables (even chess tables). Stef had a nice Watts Chardonnay (I think) and I had a fantastic Bacchanalian Cabernet. The woman running the store poured us glasses instead of the tastes we had asked for, but refused to charge us for more than tastes. We also ordered a chocolate fondue with bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and rice crispy treats for dipping. It was so decadent and fun, and the proprietress was really great. She definitely earned our repeat business.

Finally we stopped by my favorite used book store, Bay Books. I picked up a couple more books, despite the growing stack I have already. But I had to get Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire. I read Wicked sometime last year, and this is the sequel. And we just made plans to see the Broadway production of Wicked when it comes back to San Francisco in January. I'm so excited about this - I've been dying to see it since I read the book and found out about the show. Stef, her mom, me, and my mom are going to go together (I just bought the tickets!) and I can't wait!

If I had my camera with me, I would have taken a picture of us at the wine bar with the two empty (comfy) chairs at our table. Liz and Katie, we missed you!


Liz and Kurt said...

Food, wine, and books... no, I don't think I'd enjoy that at all. I prefer doing dishes and laundry. I'm skipping class on coming up for Spamalot dammit!

Misty said...

Yeah, you would have hated it, Little Miss Domestic. I'll call you when tickets go on sale so we can arrange everything. Maybe Katie will be available to and we could have a reunion. BTW: wasn't our 10-year this year? Not that I would have gone.