Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Howl-oween!

So, my jack-o-latern got all mushy and grew gray-black hair on the inside that hung down from the top. Too bad, because I wanted to show you the spiffy creepy castle I carved in it. I didn't want to risk moving it more than once lest I end up with rotting pumpkin all over the place, so I moved it directly into the trash. Oh well.

I dressed the dogs up and embarrassed them by taking pictures this afternoon on the lawn. They were not cooperating and I ended up with just this one picture of them together in their costumes, so this is what you get. Mac is a king: his robe is purple and the lining is gold. I think his expression is perfect in the picture too... very regal. I'm pretending Ayla is a fireman, if only I had one of those plastic children's fire helmets that I had so many of as a kid. Judging by her look, she's a reluctant fireman, so I hope we don't have any fires around here.

I hope everyone is having fun trick-or-treating, or what have you. We don't get any kids at our door since we live in a gated complex. And its drizzling. We do buy candy every year, just in case. We just make sure to buy candy that we like. :)

Happy Halloween!


Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

I love their costumes! Don't tell Ayla, but I love Mac's more. Too cute! I didn't even think to dress Lucy up this year. I'm such a bad mama!

Misty said...

Mac's costume is great. Ayla's is actually a yellow rain slicker. I didn't take them anywhere, I just dressed them up for my own amusement and for blog pictures. There was a dog costume contest at the mall last weekend I would have taken Mac to had I known before about it though.

I'm sure Lucy thanks you for your oversight. :)

Liz and Kurt said...

I don't let Micaela see your blog or else Spot and Bear would have painted toes and lipstick and all sorts of crazy outfits that 8 year-olds think of and I don't want to subject them to that. But your dogs look very happy and their outfits suit them well :)

Misty said...

I only dress them up when the mood strikes, and don't leave it on them too long, only long enough to take pictures. They do have coats though. Ayla has her red coat and that yellow one is for Mac. When I walk them in the winter I don't want soaking wet dogs in my condo afterward.

Ricki said...

These are adorable! And they look SOOOO much more compliant about the costumes than my two! :)