Monday, March 8, 2010

Chasing After Dreams

Sunday was another lovely day, so I took the dogs out for a walk on the usual hill in the middle of the day to get some exercise for all of us. Mac enjoyed the feel of the warm sun and gentle breeze on his face:


While Ayla romped through the tall grass, ears blowing in the wind:


But wait!

What's that I spy?

And she's off! Rapidly becoming but a spec on the hillside:

She finally returns after a good run, looking... special:


And here's what she was after:

We saw a man being walked by his young yellow lab a number of times. He remarked on how well behaved my two were and was astounded that I was walking two big dogs at once. They are far, far from perfect. In fact, I doubt Ayla will ever walk truly nicely on a leash, though she has her moments. And Mac is a bit slower-moving by his very breed. But I did let the man know I spent time training my dogs, which accounts for their general good manners. He immediately assumed I sent them away to be trained, which I let him know was not true. Training takes consistency, persistence, and patience, but is attainable by any dog owner. I didn't want to be overly nosy or preachy and start giving him advice, but I do wish I had gotten his email address or something to let him know of a few good teachers I've worked with. Especially since he has a family - dog training is a great family activity, and getting everyone on board is even better for the dog's behavior. I'll keep my eyes open for him again on future walks; I'd love to see him and his family have a mutually beneficial relationship with their cute pup.

For now, its time for a good nap!

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